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3D Printers Are Awesome! Or — What Is a 3D Printer Actually Good For?

A couple days ago I was doing my kitchen chores and realized I was out of food (or sealing) clips.


And I needed those ASAP.

So the choice was to either:

  • stop doing the important stuff (that being actually cleaning up and sorting the inventory) and go out looking for some sealing clips or
  • spend 10-15 minutes setting up a print job and 3D print some clips right at home!

The latter option was so much more convenient and fun, that I obviously went with it. And by the time I was done, the clips were done as well, and I made use of them straight away.


Afterwards I realized that this provided a great opportunity for a brief post on the topic of 3D printing and my experience with it. As well as another look at the age-old question: "What is a consumer 3D printer actually useful for?"

I'll tell you all about it.