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The Paper Samurai

Concept rejected by a client? Pfft... Still good enough for the blog!

Can you tell the story by looking at the scene?

Paper Samurai

A familiar face

I had so much fun working on this I don't even care it ended up not looking like me at all =P

my head sculpt

Yet another random sculpt

It may not be perfect by any means, but a mere year ago I wouldn't even dare to dream about ending up with something like this starting with a sphere without using any reference in just a couple hours. Feels Good Man.

Woman head sculpt April 22, 2019

Just a quick sculpt...

I swear, I only launched ZBrush to check and tweak my default start-up project scene.

...and accidentally picked up the stylus...

December 2nd quick zbrush sculpt

Seriously though, I think anatomy studies are starting to pay off.

Here's the "timelapse":