CGI Сoffee

I love CGI. I love it so much I finally decided to create a blog dedicated to it.

Another experiment of CGI integration

Latest CGI-to-live action experiment:

Imrod on the bed

Rendered with Redshift 1.3 for Softimage, composed in After Effects. Mostly polishing the new HDRI map creation pipeline for realistic IBL-rendering with a raytracer. Imrod 3d model taken from TF3DM.

Blizzard uses Redshift to render Overwatch shorts

Did you know that Blizzard used Redshift3D to render some of those Overwatch animated short films? The ones titled "Recall" and "Alive", to be specific.

Overwatch "Alive" short film screengrab

Things are starting to look better and better for Redshift. I myself am planning to use the renderer to produce a short film I'm currently working on. More info on that later.