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Bethesda Chronicles: Rock Bottom

Long story short:

  • Bethesda released ports of Doom 1, 2, 3 for Nintendo: SWITCH with DRM. Yes. You read that right: a set with a 25+ year old game with DRM and a Terms of Service agreement.

Doom 1 DRM. WOW Bethesda... Just... WOW

  • The very same Bethesda released Wolfenstein: Youngblood which... Which... Let's just say, that corporate greed and the real face of the "New Bethesda" is strong in this one: complete failure to market the product, deceitful videos which didn't show the true nature of the product until the very last day prior to release and, of course, loads and loads of microtransactions to seal the deal. I've made a backup of all user reviews from Metacritic just in case, so we all could revisit this trainwreck of a title any time to remind ourselves that the Old Bethesda is finally gone.

I wonder how the New Bethesda is going to embarrass itself again in the future. It will sure be spectacular!

Eating pop-corn

Softimage Wiki EOL

Update as of 20 Nov 2016: for some reason the Wiki is still available and the notice is gone. I wonder why. Regardless, you still have time to make a local copy of the portal, which is a good thing. Uhm... Thank you, AD?.. (-_-)ゞ

Just an FYI for all XSI-zealots like me out there.

Autodesk decided to stop hosting the Softimage Wiki portal due to... Well, who the heck cares anymore? I guess it's too expensive for a large international company to host a couple of gigs of files. At least they had the courtesy to warn us beforehand.

Good bye XSI Softimage Wiki

Anyway, there you go.

So if there's something you need from the portal you better make a local copy before Nov, 11.