CGI coffee

Here you will find notes and rants from yet another amateur VFX generalist who loves CGI and is currently working on his first animated feature. If you're a professional modeler, animator or artist you probably won't learn much here apart from the fact that amateurs are goofy and their methods can be most unorthodox.

During the day I am your friendly project and web manager, but at night I transform into an unstoppable VFX-CGI apprentice, doing all sorts of experiments and studies trying to produce all kinds of entertaining stuff.

In 2012 I started learning game development using Unity game engine and in 2015 produced my first mobile game which was finally published on the Apple App Store - "Run and Rock-it Kristie".

Run and Rock-it Kristie screenshots

It's a musical "Rayman-esque" 2D-platformer where you control an aspiring young musician Kristie Strums on her quest to superstardom.

Run and Rock-it Kristie

Making, promoting the game and receiving feedback from players from around the world was an amazing and invaluable experience which helped me learn so much about computer graphics and animation in general, I decided to take the next step and am currently working on a computer-generated animated short film.

"Why not a game", you ask? Well, game development is fun and all, and I may someday return to it, but my real passion is realistic and at the same time artistically stylized CGI, something Dreamworks and Pixar have well mastered years ago. Animated movie production pipeline is quite new to me and this gives me the chance to explore all possibilities and develop my own methods to achieve similar results. Luckily, we live in the year [insert current year here] and I have access to all of the software and hardware I would need to do this.

So here we are. It will surely take me quite a while to produce something descent, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Good ol' email just in case: cgicoffee {@t} gmail.com

Armen B.